Casa Pura Vista

Total Area

4305 SQ FT. | 400 SQ.M




'Casa Pura Vista' is situated on a mountain with a steep incline of more than 30%, overlooking the Pacific Ocean coast in Rancho Santana, Rivas, Nicaragua. Stylistic and siting decisions were made to naturally integrate the building into the mountain's topography, preserve the existing vegetation in its entirety, and blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment. The house comprises two interconnected volumes spread over four different levels, linked by both internal and external staircases. This layout enables uninterrupted views in all spaces. We incorporated floating volumes and strategically placed corner windows to frame 180-degree views. The design language of the house is contemporary with certain rustic elements. The composition is contemporary and sober; the spaces are continuous; the roofs feature asymmetrical gables and flat clay tiles. For integral decorative elements, we exposed the main room's roof framework made of wooden trusses, used lightweight polycarbonate and bamboo for floating covers on terraces and connections, and incorporated rustic local stone in certain walls.

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