Casa del Volcan

Total Area

4090 SQ FT. | 380 SQ.M




Casa del Volcán' is located on the slopes of the Mombacho Volcano, in Granada, Nicaragua. Its shape and distribution naturally conform to the complex topography and conditions of the site. The house consists of two main interconnected volumes linked by a third volume. The entire project was designed with two main premises in mind: first, to maximize the panoramic views to the north and mountain views to the south while taking into account sun protection and natural cross-ventilation. Second, to harmoniously integrate the architecture with the natural surroundings, topography, volcanic materials of the site, and vegetation. The earthwork consisted of terraces formed through selective mountain cuts to place the volumes, leaving the rest of the terrain in its natural state and adapting the architecture to the natural slopes of the land. The containment of the cuts was achieved through a system of sloping walls made of volcanic stone from the site. The final result is a sober house with a contemporary cut, harmonious and fully integrated into its environment.

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