Casa del Mar

Total Area

7534 SQ FT. | 700 SQ.M




Casa del Mar' is located oceanfront at Playa Marsella, Rivas, Nicaragua. From a conceptual standpoint, we divided the architectural program into 5 different volumes, forming a harmonious ensemble that achieves the objectives of maximizing the geometry and dimensions of the land, enhancing the sea views, natural ventilation, and sunlight control. The spaces are organized around a central green area and pool, in a sort of centralized spatial organization. This center, in turn, opens toward the sea, allowing for visual perspectives. The axes of the composition break at certain angles in some sectors to 'point' toward this center and these views. The separation or decomposition into different volumes also helps to prevent the building from having a very massive formal aspect given the large number of rooms and bathrooms required. 'Casa del Mar' was designed in a relaxed architectural style with open and highly flexible spaces. The residence has a beachy and contemporary image that also harmoniously integrates elements, features, and materials from Nicaraguan vernacular architecture such as clay tile roofs, palapa ceilings, wide corridors, exposed wooden roof framework, and the spatial organization around the central patio.

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